Photos that speak: Fuck your fountain. Fuck your tree. Fuck voter suppression. Fuck your labels. Fuck your stereotypes. Fuck your hatred. Fuck your restaurants. Fuck that dude. Fuck police brutality. Fuck white supremacy. 

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I hope this is a joke profile

Language police in the building

To those that are trying to get fancy with the spelling of their child’s name. The cédille gives the letter “c” the sound of an “s” and NOT that of a “k”.

Thank you and good night.

HA! She said, “One swell foop”

"I love my team just as much as they love me

If not more

If I turn the knob we all going through the door, I ain’t coming back for y’all

The whole crew feel the same as me

How could you ignore something so plain to see?I’m being ig’nant, that get on my nerves every minute

What’s plain to some is really Burberry printed”

This almost became my impulse buy of the day

I dont worry. I tell you, I am a man who believed that I died 20 years ago and I live like a man who is dead already. I have no fear whatsoever of anybody or anything

Malcolm X

Malcolm X