Coworker With Two Computer Screens Not Fucking Around

"He’s got three, maybe four programs open on each screen, plus some sort of group video chat running nonstop—he’s going balls to the wall over there. How is he doing all this with only one keyboard?"

Jamaican parrot

A man found a parrot one day and put him in a cage with some bigger birds and left.

When he returned he saw the parrot featherless above, his waist, so he asked what happened?

The parrot said, “Nuh the pussy dem rush me and mi affi back off me jacket!!”

Lucians, another one for you. Hear that…

A little boy catch his mother riding his father (Lucian slang: Making a vice).

De boy ask, “Mummy what you doing?”

De mother tell him, “Daddy have a big belly so I on top trying to flatten it.”

De boy look at her and say, “But but mummy you wasting your time ‘cause when you out shopping de lady next door does get down on her knees and blow it back up”




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